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About us
Birth of eHakka
The Hakka Affairs Council put forth the plan on Hakka language culture digital learning in eHakka in order to popularize Hakka language culture, create diversified digital learning environment, and drive the Hakka culture learning trend in the world.

According to this plan, numerous online multi-media language culture digital courses are developed. Please tell your friends around you to come to our eHakka!
Hakka teaching
Do you want to know more Hakka and experience the beauty of language? Do you want to know your Hakka level? You will know your Hakka level by taking the examination about Hakka language level certification! In the Hakka teaching series, there is the 2011 version of"Basic vocabulary for Hakka language level certification","Interest of Hakka", and "Modern Hakka". Let's present the interest and secret of Hakka through the scene cartoons!!
Hakka literature
Hakka is already a mature and complete literary language, which is not only can be used to describe landscape and talk about feeling, and narrate characters and matters but can use poems to express abstract images. It's my honor to invite teachers like Shisong He, Xiuyuan Wu and Xicheng Zeng to lead you to appreciate and analyze Hakka slangs, nursery rhymes, doggerels so that you can comprehend the unique beauty of Hakka culture.
Children's Hakka
How do we teach children to know well Hakka culture and speak Hakka? The most natural learning method is to let children naturally have the learning motivation through the exclusive children games of Hakka and creation of children poems. In this subject, there is the "writing of Hakka children poems" and "Hakka children games". Therefore, children can play, speak and talk about Hakka!
Hakka music
From tradition to modern, and from primitiveness to innovation, there are such courses as "appreciation and analysis of modern Hakka music", "Hakka music are widely heard", and "Singing of Taiwan Hakka songs" in Hakka music theme. Let's travel in the present and future time tunnel of Hakka music!
Folk custom and history of Hakkas
If you want to deeply understand Hakka culture, you can carefully discuss from Hakka architecture and style of every Hakka village, and you will find that every small place is full of strong Hakka humanistic color! This course contains "heritage of Hoklo village", "style of Lanyang Hakka village", "Hall number and Dong couplet of traditional Hakka buildings", etc. Let's experience the abundant Hakka style together.
Hakka culture creativity industry
When creative elements are added to the traditional Hakka folk customs, which creative sparks can be excited for Hakkas? Come and have a look at these courses like "innovative design and application of blue shirt and figured cloth", "culture creative industry rebuilds Hakka village", and "Discover secretes of innovative Hakka food"!
Courses cooperating with colleges
In order to spread Hakka culture widely, Hakka learning has gradually been listed in the liberal education of every college. There is an online Hakka course exceeding320time that cooperates with every college. Through network teaching, we can enhance the understanding of students to Hakka culture and Hakka language.
Extract of videos and books
If you want to watch superior Hakka picture album, come to see the extract of videos and books! Whether the excellent drama "Origin" or "The Kite Soaring", or "Ao LinPKe" and "Hakka Encore". In this thematic course, you can watch any wonderful programs!