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For Registered Members

For  Registered Members :

Registration notices and permission statement for members of Hakka elearning Center.

Dear Friend, thank you for visiting “Hakka elearning Center”.  We respect your privacy rights and will protect them.  To help you understand how we collect, use and protect the personal info you provide, please read the following carefully:

1.      Regarding our privacy police: the following privacy policy applies to collection, usage and protection of your personal info in all activities organized by us; yet it does not apply to other government websites linked to our website. All websites linked to “Hakka elearning Center”, whether independently-run website by various governmental units or websites co-run by Hakka elearning center and other organizations, groups or companies, should have their own privacy policy.  “Hakka elearning Center” will not be held liable for any jointly and severally responsibility.  When you browse any of these websites, the privacy policy of the website should apply.

2.      As for collecting personal info, if you browse “Hakka elarning Center” or download files from our website, no personal data will be collected. However, if you want to use the services that require your personal data on our website, you need to fill in your name, date of birth, contact no. email address and mailing address. We will conduct an analysis over the overall behavior of our users instead of analyzing behavior of individual user. 

3.      Regarding the right to personal info:

Individuals whose personal info is being collected by “ Hakka elearning Center” may exercise the following rights according to Personal Information Protection Act:

(1)   Enquire or request to read

(2)   Request copies

(3)   Request to supple or rectify

(4)   Request to stop collecting, processing or using

(5)   Request to delete the info

If members want to exercise the above rights, they may apply to the Hakka elearning Center.

Please note! Your refusal to provide info necessary for member registration may cause you not being able to use some of all of the service available at the website.

4.      “Hakka elearning Center” is obligated to protect the privacy of its applicants.  Unless approved by you, we will not edit or delete any of your personal info and files.  We can only do so with your permission or are authorized to do so if any of the following situation is met:

(1)   through legal means

(2)   for protecting or safeguarding relevant personal rights or ownership


“Hakka elearning Center” will not sell, exchange or lease any of your personal info to other entities, individuals or private enterprises except for the following conditions:

(1)   cooperation with a judicial authority in lawful investigation.

(2)   cooperation with relevant competent authority in investigation or use required by authority.

(3)   Bone fide belief that the disclosure of the personal info is required by law or to maintain or improve the website service for better management.

5.       Member account, password and safety:  all registered members of” Hakka elearning Center” and users using the web service provided by the Center have the obligations to maintain and update their personal info and ensure the info is accurate, up-to-date and complete.  Please provide your correct, up-to-date info according to the descriptions in our application form and you are not allowed to register with the name of a third party.  One account only for each member; double registration is not allowed.  If you provide any wrong or false info, all units under “Hakka elearing Center “ have the right to reject your use of all or partial services available on the website.  Maintain the confidentiality of your password and account is the jointly and severally responsibility of you and the Center.  If your password or account is being hacked or any security problem occurs, please notify us by email immediately.  If the personal info you provide violates or harms our service objectives, we reserve the rights to terminate your membership or rights to use any of our services anytime. Please make sure you log out your account after each use to prevent account being hacked or used by others.  If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to log out and close your browse window to prevent others from accessing your personal info. All behavior of the users on this site should follow relevant domestic and overseas laws and regulations.  Users must also take full responsibility for situations that occur to their personal account and password.

6.      User behavior and obligations to obey the law

(1)   Any business conducts without prior authorization is prohibited.

(2)   You must obey relevant regulations and take full responsibility for anything that you do under your account name and password.

(3)   Do not post, publish or upload any articles, images or any forms of files that are defamatory, threatening, insulting, offensive, indecent, false, pornographic, violent, violating public orders or good customs or unlawful .

(4)   Do not use any of our services to lure, engage or conduct any illegal sex trades, or gamble, abetting or aiding or encouraging suicides.

(5)   Any behavior of violating privacy of another is not allowed such as upload, distribute or transfer basic info like telephone no. and email address.

(6)   Do not infringe on business secrets, trademarks, copyrights, patent rights or intellectual property rights of others, including distribution of pirated software, illegal MP3 or download any forms of music files or reproductions (recording, videos, or direct, indirect, permanent or temporary reproductions) of CDs.

(7)   Do not use our website to send ads or spam.

(8)   Do not provide or promote any criminal acts, information about how to make explosives or other illegal activities, including making explosives or other assault weapons.

(9)   Do not sell guns, drugs, illegal drugs, human organs or other prohibited articles.

(10)           Do not use improper grammar or programs on purpose to sabotage our website or the smooth operation of the website.

(11)           Services available on the website cant’ be used for commercial or advertising purposes without the prior consents of “ Hakka elearning Center”.

7.      In case of suspension or discontinuation of our service , “Hakka elearning Center” will maintain the operation of our system and services with reasonable technologies or means;  yet, if any of the following conditions occurs, “Hakka elearning Center’ is entitled to suspense or discontinue its services:

l   Sudden malfunction of its electronic communication devices during necessary maintenance or servicing.

l   When electronic communication service applied by “Hakka elearning Center” is not available :

l   due to disasters that are beyond human control or other reasons that Hakka elearning Center can’t provide its service.


8.      Refuse or Terminate Member’s right to use our service

Members agree that “Hakka elearning Center” may terminate the right of its members to use his/her password, account (or any part of it), or our service (or any part of it) or to remove or delete any “member contents” under our services out of the consideration of safeguarding the safety of all transactions (including but not limited to lacking or violating the express provision or spirits of our terms of use) on our website.  In addition, members also agree if the services (such as log-in with password, elearning zone, simulation test, e-books, teaching material download) are terminated,  Hakka elearing Cetner “ is not liable for its members or any third parties.


9.      Regarding the inquiries and remedies of privacy policy, if you have any doubts or suggestions to the above terms, please send us an email.

I have read and agreed to the Member Registration Notice and Consent Form.

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